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We are rebranding from CloudBacko to CloudBacko Go with the most competitive price at US$1/100GB for backup . A sweet deal you can’t miss!

Why CloudBacko Go benefits
your data protection plan?

Unlimited devices backup per user

Backup your PCs, servers, virtual environments into a single account.

Ransomware can happen anytime

Protect your data no matter where it lives. Desktops, laptops, servers, external/cloud storages.

Automate the backup schedule for your business data with great user experience as below:

  • No file size restrictions

    Unlimited data, unlimited file types.
  • Custom file retention

    You control how long to keep your files.
  • Clear log reporting

    Backup and restore activities tracking.

Facilitate your remote working with a robust backup service

Remote work comes a growing reliance on online collaboration and SaaS tools that allow staff to be productive at anywhere they are.

How CloudBacko Go can help?

  • Securely protect data on physical devices, virtual environments or the public cloud.
  • Minimize downtime and prevent data loss.
  • Provide extra storage for additional backup.

Startups and business owners who constantly review business data and turn them to actionable insights to improve business.

Mobile workers, digital nomad and those who work remotely and using technology to perform their job.

License-free. Scalable.

Cost-efficient and simple-to-manage solution

Save monitoring time

Backup runs automatically and in near real-time.

Device or cloud backup as you choose

CloudBacko Go is compatible with a wide range of devices and applications being employed in your business.

Stay safe from ransomware

Secure business data with military grade AES256 file encryption.

Support as you need

Support staff available by chat or shoot us a Customer Support Ticket for assistance.

Try it free for 30 days

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