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How to Survive with Critical Business Data When Cloud Outage Happens?

Ease IT mandate with cloud backup efficiency

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Cloud Backup

Cloud storage services are a convenient and cost-effective solution for storage or synchronization of data. However, cloud storage service primarily focuses on ease of data access rather than data protection, they are not suitable for a reliable backup solution.

Storing data in cloud does not protect your data against ransomware, cloud storage services themselves are not immune to service outages, it is a wake-up call for small to medium businesses to re-evaluate the risks of storing or synchronizing data on cloud services.

In order to plan ahead before it’s too late, businesses need a backup strategy to prevent data loss from cloud storage outage, or files being accidently deleted due to human error or malicious applications by hackers.

With CloudBacko Go backup solution, a single approach that works regardless of your chosen cloud platform, even without IT personnel. Raise your game with Cloudbacko Go, to guarantee your access to your data and lowering operational costs along the way.

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Hybrid backup strategy

With your data safely backed up by CloudBacko Go to both local and cloud storage, this will provide maximum data protection, with flexible and fast recovery options.

This is the reason that you want a single product that does hybrid backups, both local and cloud.

Built on cloud resiliency

CloudBacko Go allows organizations to leverage a cloud environment to back up their cloud data in different geolocations, with unlimited scalability and capacity on their actual needs. It gives all benefits to shift cloud-to-cloud backups to Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) on a simple, transparent per-user monthly expenditure.

Unlimited Retention / Versioning

To preserve historical changes to your files, so you can select to recover files from any point-in-time. It will also allow files or folders recovery in case a ransomware attack takes place.

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