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CloudBacko Storage
Helps You Do More With Ease

Make a storage management to save space and cost

Level up your cloud management with CloudBacko Storage

Data storage costs represent up to 3.8% of global revenues, and users waste up to 60% of their time searching for, or recreating work. Make an effective content lifecycle management plan and move Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) - typically images, audio or other multimedia objects - and inactive database to lower-cost storage.

Keep frequently accessed data in CloudBacko Storage to ensure easy retrieving and being stored securely in the cloud that monitored by experts, with unlimited storage level expansion just an upgrade away.

Start your storage management to save more

Startups, Digital Nomads, SMBs, Social Enterprises

Data backup + free storage

Try CloudBacko Go 1TB monthly plan with 100GB free space on top of your own storage for just US$9. The best choice for all with minimal in-house IT support.

Pay as you go

Unlimited storage, unlimited file types. After the first 100GB from the CloudBacko Go backup plans is only US$0.012/GB. Pricing applies to all regions.

Why CloudBacko Storage?

Keep files safe, secure and 100% private

Resting assured with your data storage and backups protected in the cloud environment with top-notch encryption. No need to worry about system compatibility between storage and backup in the cloud.

Optimize data to save space

Compress backups into smaller files to save storage space and to bring down the cost of data backups. It also requires less time to restore a system.

Access files from anywhere

Offer user-friendly interface to save all the data in the cloud storage, which can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks.

Reduce time and human effort

Minimal in-house IT support or even none is needed to manage the backup jobs. Get started in minutes, scale up and down and get human support as needed.

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