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Operational Efficiency Starts from Effective Server/ Computer Backup

Streamline backup process to increase productivity

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Organizations of all sizes today rely on storing data. Employee and customer information, proprietary documents, application code, e-mail servers, and more are examples of data best kept private.

CloudBacko Go makes it easy for small to medium companies to employ a comprehensive yet simple-to-manage backup to any destination(s). Affordable offering is there to fit your business needs.

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Keep track of backup status

In-app reporting tools not only track backup and restore reports but also write into Windows Event log for monitoring. User can monitor all event from a single platform.

High-speed backup

Features of multi-threading, incremental and differential backups, and file compression work together as efficiency booster for small businesses.

The strongest encryption standard

AES-256 encryption gives multi-level security to protect data with a variety of options beyond data-at-rest encryption.

Operating system compatibility

CloudBacko Go supports Mac, Windows, Linux/UNIX platforms. In case of system failure, it helps you keep the critical data with the recovery file.

Online backup compatibility

Perform backup and recovery of critical business application in both physical and virtual environments, namely Microsoft SQL, Exchange, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, VMware and Hyper-V.

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