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Fits for iOS, Android

While some cloud platforms require the user to manually start a backup when not connected to a power source, CloudBacko Mobile lets you set things up so that backups happen automatically, and in near real-time, if you want to.

Nowadays, any user has multiple devices, not to mention that in a family, a more tech-minded person is helping to manage the backups for other family member’s devices. User is able to browse, restore files not only directly from the current phone, but also from another mobile device linked to the same CloudBacko Mobile account.

Wide range of file types

Other than media and audio files, CloudBacko Mobile also supports document files including doc, xls, ppt, pdf, txt and more for Android devices. For iOS phone users , backing up images and videos to a local device can free up phone space, equally to an upgrade of storage at no cost.

Quick recovery

The native file formats of images and videos are kept for quick restoration in original or alternate device.

Two-factor authentication

Employ two-factor authentication (2FA) as additional security layer for local device login to protect the backed up files.

SD card backup

Only few backup solutions in the market are able to back up files from an external micro SD card. CloudBacko Mobile enables your Android device back up pictures and videos stored on SD cards.

THREE Simple steps to back up your mobile devices

Step 1

Simply register a user account HERE.

Step 2

When receiving confirmation email, download CloudBacko Go software onto your laptop or selected PC and install CloudBacko App onto your mobile device.

Step 3

Backup will run automatically whenever your mobile device is connected to your home WIFI.

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