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Clear and Simple Pricing

License-free. Value for money.


1TB compressed data

Unlimited devices per user

100GB FREE storage

Backup with Peace of Mind

  • Automatic backups

  • Backup for databases and live applications

  • Quick and easy file restores

  • Secure & encrypted

Clear Insights and Reporting

View backup details of all destinations, including usage trend, backup and restore reports, log for warnings and errors, and more.

US $9 /mo

Startups and digital nomad for
1TB compressed data

It is a perfect fit for startups with less than 5 people or freelancers who work remotely. Easy backup to any destination(s).

Anywhere from 1TB to 5TB is US$ 0.009/GB, and from 5TB to 10TB is US$ 0.006/GB.

What if data usage
exceeding 10TB?

Usage after 10TB is only US$ 0.004/GB It is ideal for businesses with a backup plan for around 10 computers/devices.

Business expands to
medium size

For small to medium businesses, a scalable and manageable backup solution can help saving operational cost for business owners and IT teams.

For example, if 30TB compressed data is needed for an expanding business, the average cost is $5.17/TB/month.

Businesses that need
50TB compressed data

Our pricing model is “pay less for more”. For companies or users looking for 50TB, the average cost is US$4.7/TB/month. Saving almost 47%!

Any need for more than 50TB, please talk to our Customer Service team on Live Chat

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