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Backup failed with error "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space"

Recently some of the backups (full backups) started to fail with errors saying “java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space”. Any suggesions on how to fix that?

It suggests that the memory is insufficient to perform the backup job. To resolve this, can you increase the heap size to 2GB to give CloudBacko more memory resources.

To increase the Java memory settings:

1. Exit CloudBacko Pro and make use there are no active backup jobs running.

2. In a text editor open up the C:\Program Files\CloudBacko Pro\config.ini file

Default settings: app.system.ui.vm.opt.xms=128 app.system.ui.vm.opt.xmx=768 app.system.conf.language=en app.system.common.format.datetime.hourinday=true

3. Depending on the amount of free memory on your machine, you can increase the settings from 768M to 2048M.

New settings: app.system.ui.vm.opt.xms=128 app.system.ui.vm.opt.xmx=2048 app.system.conf.language=en app.system.common.format.datetime.hourinday=true

4. Save the config.ini

5. Go to [Administrative Tools]>[Services]>[CloudBacko Pro Services] and restart the service for the settings to take effective.

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