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This feature allows the user to enable the Proxy Settings and Windows Event Log.

There are two (2) functions available for this feature:

  • Proxy
  • Windows Event Log

1). Proxy

When this feature is on, CloudBacko Go will use a proxy to gain access to the internet.

To enable the Proxy Settings, follow the instructions below:

1. Slide the lever to the right to turn it on.

2. Complete the following fields:

  • IP address
  • Port
  • Login ID
  • Password

3. Click the [Test Connection] button to validate the connection.

4. Click the [Save] button to store the settings.

2). Windows Event Log

When this feature is on, all CloudBacko Go system log information will be written under Applications and Services Logs. User may access them through Windows event viewer in the local machine.

This feature is only applicable for Windows OS.

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