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ISSUE: Another backup job is still running. Backup skipped.

Article ID: 8012
Reviewed: 23/06/2021

Product Version: CloudBacko Go 8.5 or above
Operating System: All platforms

Problem Description

When performing a backup of any type, the following warning message is displayed on the CloudBacko Go user interface:

Another backup job is still running. Backup skipped.


The message suggests that a previous backup of the same backup set is still running, or the previous backup job had ended abruptly.


Allow the in-progress backup job to complete before starting another backup for the same backup set (scheduled or manually).

If there is no previous backup job running, the previous job started for the backup set may have ended abruptly (e.g. server crash, client application crash). Refer to the following steps to clear all obsolete file(s):

  1. Confirm if there is any 'running' within the ipc folder under the .obm folder at:

  2. Remove all files under the ipc directory.

  3. Restart the CloudBacko Go service afterward.


When a backup job is started manually or automatically at the scheduled time, a 'running' file will be created within the ipc directory to indicate that a backup job is in-progress. Under normal circumstance, the file will be removed automatically when the backup job is completed.

However, for cases where the previous backup job was ended abruptly (e.g. server crash, client application crash), the 'running' file may not be properly cleared. When the next backup job is started, the client agent will detect that the 'running' file exist, misinterpreting that a previous backup job is still in progress.


skip, job, missed

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