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Appendix A: Uninstall CloudBacko Go

  1. Go to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program, then look for CloudBacko Go and double click it.

  2. The following dialog box will only appear if User Account Control is enabled. Click Yes when you see the following message.

  3. Click Yes to confirm and proceed with the uninstallation.

  4. When you see the following screen:

    • Choose Yes to keep all user settings and the encryption keys associated with the users. If you are likely to install CloudBacko Go on the same machine again in the future, the user settings e.g. login details, backup sets and so forth will remain in C:\Users\[username]\.obm by default. The screen capture below shows the folders remain in the machine after uninstallation.

    • Choose No to delete all user serttings and encryption keys with this uninstallation. Please be reminded that the encryption keys are not retrievable once they have been deleted unless the encryption keys have been uploaded to the CloudBacko Go server. Therefore, it will no longer be possible for backup user to recover their encryption key in case they do not have a separate written record.

  5. The following screen prompts when the uninstallation is completed.

  6. Optional: For complete removal of all CloudBacko Go related files in your machine, go to C:\Program Files and manually remove the CloudBackoGo and CloudBackoGo NFS folders. Also go to C:\ProgramData to manually remove the CloudBackoGo folder.

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